Art of Noise - The Drum and Bass Collection (1996)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Art of Noise
Length 73:54
Format CD
Genre Drum 'n Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat
Index 9
In Collection Yes
Track List
01 Something Always Happens [Remixed by Doc Scott] Remixed by Doc Scott Play 07:40
02 Ode to Don Jose [Remixed by Dom and Roland] Remixed by Dom and Roland Play 06:42
03 Art of Love [Remixed by ILS] Remixed by ILS Play 06:12
04 Yebo [Remixed by Lightfoot] Remixed by Lightfoot Play 05:29
05 Opus 4 [Remixed by PFM] Remixed by PFM Play 09:22
06 Island [Remixed by Seiji] Remixed by Seiji Play 06:06
07 Camilla The Old Old Story [Remixed by J. Majik] Remixed by J. Majik Play 05:54
08 Kiss [Haitian Vampire Mix by Digital Pariah] Haitian Vampire Mix by Digital Pariah Play 06:19
09 Eye of a Needle [Remixed by Lemon D] Remixed by Lemon D Play 07:36
10 Peter Gunn [Remixed by Flyright] Remixed by Flyright Play 06:01
11 Crusoe [Remixed by Aquasky] Remixed by Aquasky Play 06:33
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
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