Jenhitt - In the Cold Light of Winter (1997)
Artist/Composer Jenhitt
Length 66:52
Format CD
Genre Indie Rock/Punk/harDCore
Label Shute
In Collection Yes
Producer Davis White
Track List
01 Anna Andreevna 05:39
02 Five Year Plan 05:32
03 Accidental Family 06:09
04 U Gotta Try a Little Harder 4 Luv 04:54
05 Lost Amid These Forest Trails 01:01
06 Automaton 05:50
07 Hiding Pennies 03:33
08 Sleeping With The Fishes 03:41
09 Capulets and Montagues 05:27
10 Field Event 05:36
11 Philadelphia Dawn 02:02
12 Switch Line 07:54
13 Things Change 05:53
14 In the Cold Light of Winter 03:41
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Costas Nakassis- Guitars, Piano
Ian Chu- Bass, Vocals
Tamara Black- Vocals
Andrew Black- Drums

A very special thanks to Scott Stenger, Davis White, John Davis, Carmen Nakassis, Isabel Black, Resin Records, LetsRain Studios-FraidyCat Records, MotorCoat Records, and Alex Hedstrom.

Thank you to the following people, in no particuilar order (of course): Resin Records & Better Automatic & Fort Reno, LetsRain Studios- Matt, Jonah, Jenn, Rob. Maire Mcardle and Bobby Clemens, Rob Christiansen, Dan Chu, Alex, Drew and the Tilden Shirt Waist Fire. Send in the Clones. Captain Action. Jeff Dupee. Justin Staller and Andrew Gray. Gosh Darn. Franklin. The Elusive. Jewel Kilcher. The Chu Family. The Nakassis Family- Dimitri, Tassos, Carmen, and Magda. The Black Family. Corm. Impossible Five. Eight Days. Tomorrow. The Duneden Star (Stella). Candy Machine. The Most Secret Method. Calabash Case. Jen Hitt. Natalie Moreno. Ryan Daniels. Jesse Tittsworth. Rob Honstein. Mark Haggerty. Matt Safer & Amalgamation. Guy (Baltimore). Rob and Emily Anthony. Steve Kim. John Henessee. Eric Speck and WMUC. Bobby (Phantasmagoria). Smitty. Pavan. Brendan Cantwell. Dave Daley. Megan from Manifesto Records. Mark and Peter Miller. RaceCar.

Recorded and produced by Davis White
Digital Editing by Rob Christiansen
Cover Photos by Carmen Nakassis
Live Photo by John Davis
Please write:
Jenhitt c/o Costas Nakassis
9 Keystone Court
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

©1997 C. Nakassis, I. Chu, T. Black, and A. Black
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