Pearl Jam - Ten (1991)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Pearl Jam
Length 53:18
Format CD
Genre Rock/Pop
Label Epic
In Collection Yes
Drums and Percussion Dave Krusen
Percussion-Various Rick Parashar
Bass Guitar Jeff Ament
Guitar-Electric Mike McCready
Guitar-Electric Stone Gossard
Organ Rick Parashar
Piano Rick Parashar
Unlisted Instrument Tim Palmer
Songwriter Adrian Moore
Songwriter pj
Engineer Dave Hillis
Engineer Don Gilmore
Track List
01 Once Music by Stone Gossard 03:51
02 Even Flow Music by Stone Gossard 04:53
03 Alive Music by Stone Gossard 05:41
04 Why Go Music by Jeff Ament 03:19
05 Black Music by Stone Gossard 05:43
06 Jeremy Music by Jeff Ament 05:19
07 Oceans Music by Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament 02:41
08 Porch Music by Eddie Vedder 03:30
09 Garden Music by Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament 04:58
10 Deep Music by Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament 04:18
11 Release Music by Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, Dave Krusen 09:05
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
All lyrics by Eddie Vedder

Kelly Curtis - Management
Michael Goldstone - A&R
Richard Leher - Attorney
Don Mueller - Agent, Triad
Jeff Ament - Art Direction/Concept
Risa Zaitschek, Lisa Sparagano - Design
Lance Mercer - Photos
Steve Pitstick, Eddie Vedder - Additional Art

Kelly & Peggy Curtis, Michael Goldstone, Jack Irons, Tal Goettling, Richard Leher, Michele Anthony, Richard Griffiths, Dave Glew, Debbie, Penny & The "West" Team, Rick & Raj Parashar, Matt Cameron, Chris Cornell, Susan Silver, Christine & Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Tommy & War Babies, Love Co. (Tim, Richard, Chris, Shawn), Dana Cook, Marc Reiter & The "East" Team, Cameron Crowe & The Entire "Singles" Crew, Josh Taft, Dobbis & Davitt, Bruce & Greg, Sexecutioner (Eric, Keith, George & Randy), The Entire Love Bone Earth Affair, Jol Dantzig, Russ Riedner, John Troutman, The Friels, Bathtub Gin, Doug Pinnick, Alex & Valerie, Potatohead People, Tim Dewan & S.D.P.C., Yosemite Gurning Crew, Cindy Gantz, Deena & The "Mookster," Sweet Al & The Julesmang and all the folks at Ridge Farm. THANKS

Angel Beth, Mother Vedder, Brothers Mueller, Sister Parish, Edward Louis Severson II & Great Grandma Pearl; George, Penny & Ament Crew, Barry; Roy, Louise & McCready Family, et. al; Dave, Carolyn, Star, Shely & Eleanor Gossard; Carol, Jay, Larry & Cheryl Krusen. FAMILY THANKS

Jeff Ament plays Hamer 12 String, 8 String & Fretless Bases
Stone Gossard plays Gibson guitars
Mike McCready plays Fender guitars
Dave Krusen plays Vic Firth sticks & Sabien cymbals

Ten Club
PO Box 4570
Seattle, WA 98104

©1991 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Manufactured and Distributed by Epic, A Division of Sony Music/666 Fifth Ave., PO Box 4455, New York, NY 10101-4455
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