The Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land (1998)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer The Prodigy
Length 56:21
Format CD
Genre Techno/House/Garage/etc.
Label Warner Bros
In Collection Yes
Drum Programming Liam Howlett
Guitar-Electric Jim Davies
Keyboards-Various Liam Howlett
Organ Liam Howlett
Synthesizer Liam Howlett
DJ (Scratch) Liam Howlett
Unlisted Instrument Leeroy Thornhill
Unlisted Instrument Liam Howlett
Vocals Crispian Mills
Vocals Keith Flint
Vocals Kool Keith
Vocals Maxim Reality
Vocals-Backing Shahin Bada
Songwriter Keith Flint
Songwriter Liam Howlett
Songwriter Maxim Reality
Producer Liam Howlett
Track List
01 Smack My Bitch Up by L. Howlett, M. Smith, C. Miller, K. Thornton, T. Randolph Contains portions of "Give The Drummer Some" by Ultramagnetic MCs from their album entitled "Critical Breakdown" used courtesy of Next Plateau Records 05:42
02 Breathe by L. Howlett, Keith Flint, Maxim 05:35
03 Diesel Power by L. Howlett, K. Thornton 04:17
04 Funky Shit by L. Howlett Excerpts from "Root Down" used under license from Capitol Records Sample from "2-3 Break" by the B-Boys used courtesy of Vintertainment Sample from "Theme from S.W.A.T." used courtesy of MCA Records, Inc. 05:16
05 Serial Thrilla by L. Howlett, K. Flint, Skin, Arran "Selling Jesus" by Skunk Anansie used courtesy of One Little Indian except USA and Canada courtesy of Sony Music 05:11
06 Mindfields by L. Howlett 05:40
07 Narayan by L. Howlett, C. Mills 09:05
08 Firestarter by L. Howlett, K. Flint, T. Horn, A. Dudley, J. Jeczalik, P. Morley, G. Langan, K. Deal Features samples from The Breeders recording "S.O.S." courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group by arrangement with Warner Special Products, Inc. "Close To The Edit" by Art of Noise under license from ZTT Records Ltd. 04:40
09 Climbatize by L. Howlett Contains portion of "Horn Track" by Egyptian Empire/Tim Taylor courtesy of London Records 06:36
10 Fuel My Fire by D.J. Sparks/Walsh/James/Knight 04:19
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
UPC 093624660620
Thanks to:

Richard Russell, Alex Jenkins and all at XL Recordings and Beggars Banquet, John Fairs and Interactive, Mike Champion and Stuart Bishop at MIDI Management, Louie Parker and all at Concorde, Simon Moran, Maria Forte and EMI/Virgin Music, Paul Spraggon, David Clarke and Karen, Martin Roach, Mark Reynolds and Mad Dog, Walter Stein and John Payne, Kris Needs, Jim Davies (Dead Mans Pants), Jerry Gerard, Morat, Pat Pope, Steve Gullick, Jake (Cartoon), Kieran (Real TV), Matt from Soundgarden for Drums, Kool Keith, Kutmasta Kurt, Angus Batey, Neil McLellan and all at Strongroom, Nick Goldsmith, Alex Garland, Jen Wening, Eddie O'Loughlin, Sharon Lindsey and Ange
Crew: Phill, Nick, Mac, Joe
For the Breaks: Ian Wells, Neil (Southend), Heavy G (Australia), Shure, Marshall, AKG, Alesis, Roland, Mackie

Artwork Credits:

Front Cover Photography: Konrad Wothe/Silvestris/FLPA-Images of Nature
Band Illustration by Jake.
Ant Photography: Terry Whittaker/FLPA-Images of Nature
Inside Traycard Photography: Lou Smith
Band, Train and Equipment Photography: Pat Pope
Live Shots: Pat Pope, Alex Scaglia and Christian Ammann
Truck and Background: Alex Jenkins
The 'A' Symbol is used by kind permission of Seddon Atkinson Vehicles Ltd.
Art Direction: Alex Jenkins/Liam Howlett
Design: Alex Jenkins
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