Richard Wagner - 'Ring' Without Words
Artist/Composer Richard Wagner
Length 69:35
Format CD
Genre Opera
Label Telarc
In Collection Yes
Track List
01 Das Rheingold: Thus, we begin in the 'greenish twilight' of the Rhine (J.Johnson) Fordyce Music Publ (BM) 05:24
02 Das Rheingold: float up to the home of the Gods (Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla) James 02:05
03 Das Rheingold: fall amongst hammering dwarves 'smithying' away, James 02:22
04 Das Rheingold: ride Donner's thunderbolt, crawl with the thirst-crazed Siegmund to the haven... James 01:39
05 Die Walkure, Act I: In the sound code, We 'see' his loving gaze Unknown 03:20
06 Die Walkure, Act I: their flight Unknown 00:42
07 Die Walkure, Act II: Wotan's rage Annual Sampler of the Subway Music Club. Subway Karlsruhe, Germany Kriegstr. 15 76133 Karlsruhe 02:31
08 Die Walkure, Act III: the Cavalcade of Brünnhilde's sisters (Ride Of the Valkyries) Avé l'excellent Scott Taylor et son compère Kerfi. 03:10
09 Die Walkure, Act III: Wotan's farewell to his favorite daughter (Wotan's Farewell and Magic Fire... EA000055 05:32
10 Siegfried, Act I: Mime's fright Disk 2 01:22
11 Siegfried, Act I: Siegfried's forging of the magic sword 1997 Film de Luc Besson 00:50
12 Siegfried, Act I: his wanderings through the forest, (Forest Murmurs) Siri Rekkårdz - 1994 02:04
13 Siegfried, Act II: his slaying of the Dragon 01:00
14 Siegfried, Act II: the Dragon's lament Arranged And Composed By Max Müller And Gundula Schmitz [=] 00:57
15 Gotterdammerung, Act I: day breaking 'round Sigfried's and Brünnhilde's passion Romulo Larrea - Bandonéon François Pilon - First Violin Frédérick Lefebvre - Violin Ligia Paquin - Alto Viola Benoit Loiselle - Cello Denis Chabot - Double-Bass Paul Klopstock - Piano 07:06
16 Gotterdammerung, Act I: Siegfried's Rhine journey, (Dawn and Sigfried's Rhine Journey) Polydor 521587-2 05:05
17 Gotterdammerung, Act II: Hagen's call to his clan Edilson Roberto Chiquetano - ERCnet - 01:44
18 Gotterdammerung, Act II: Siegfried and the Rhinemaidens 1997 Wolperdinger Records 04:00
19 Gotterdammerung, Act III: his death and the funeral music Atlas VI-15 09:08
20 Gotterdammerung, Act III: Immolation (Immolation Scene) ©®1992 EMI Records USA 0777-7-96059-2-7 Digitally mastered by Ray Furmanek at Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood, November 1991 Original recordings 8/67, 6/67, 6/68, 1/69 09:34
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Tusk Music Co. HKM 2000204
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