Tori Amos - To Venus and Back (1999)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Tori Amos
Length 123:09
Format CD
Genre Rock/Pop
Label Atlantic
Index 9
In Collection Yes
Track List
Orbiting 47:45
01 Bliss ACT OF NATURE Cheryl Wheeler Amachrist Music, ASCAP, Penrod & Higgins 03:42
02 Juarez GERONIMO'S CADILLAC Michael Murphey, Charles Quarto Bro 'n Sis Music, Inc. BMI. Mystery Music, Inc. 03:48
03 Concertina THE RICHEST ONE Bill Carter Blame Music, ASCAP 03:56
04 Glory of the 80's EARLY MORNING RAIN Gordon Lightfoot Moose Music, Ltd., ASCAP 04:03
05 Lust OH MY DONALD Traditional Rosewood Steamroller Music, BMI 03:53
06 Suede INTO THE MYSTIC Van Morrison Caledonia Soul Music, WB Music Corp., ASCAP 04:58
07 Josephine HERE ON EARTH Mikki Bakken Mag Dawg Music, ASCAP 02:29
08 Riot Proof DINER Erica Wheeler Blue Pie Music, BMI 03:28
09 Datura FROG STEW Ben Murray, Peter Palmer Rosewood Steamroller Music, BMI Some other uses for "Toadkill": Chipped Frog on Toast Frog-a-Roni (the San Fransicso treat) Mu-Gu-Guy-Frog Frog Jubilee Toad-fu Chartreuse Goo Ra"nine(?), a. [L. rana a frog.] 1. (Zoöl.)Of or pertaining to the frogs and toads. 2. (Anat.)Pertainingto, or designating, a swelling under the tongue; also, pertaining to theregion where the swelling occurs; -- applied especially to branches ofthe lingual artery and lingual vein. Definition courtesy Webster'sRevised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 Edition (part of the ARTFL Project). MarkOlsen, ARTFL Project, Gavin LaRowe, ARTFL Project, 08:25
10 Spring Haze IT'S RAINING Naomi Neville EMI Unart Catalog, Inc. BMI 04:44
11 1000 Oceans José Guerra 04:19
Live. Still Orbiting 75:24
01 Precious things 07:37
02 cruel 06:47
03 cornflake girl 06:31
04 bells for her 05:42
05 girl 04:15
06 cooling 05:09
07 mr. zebra 01:17
08 cloud on my tongue 04:58
09 sugar Recorded During Soundcheck 05:10
10 little earthquakes 07:37
11 space dog 05:46
12 waitress 10:24
13 purple people Recorded during soundcheck 04:11
Rating 70%
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
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