Astral Projection - In the Mix
Artist/Composer Astral Projection
Format CD
Genre Trance
In Collection Yes
Track List
In the Mix (Disc 1)
01 Another World [Floorplay Remix]
02 Ionized
03 Let There Be Light
04 Enlightened Evolution
05 Power Gen
06 Life On Mars [Domestic Remix]
07 Flying Into A Star [Ast-roid Remix]
08 Liquid Sun [Cass And Slide Rework]
09 Virtual Booster
10 Free Tibet [Free Spirit Remix]
11 Electrostatic
12 Axis V0.99
In the Mix (Disc 2)
01 People Can Fly
02 Trance Dance
03 Dancing Galaxy [On A Mission Remix]
04 Aurora Borealis
05 Liquid Sun
06 Searching For Ufos [Bright Light Remix]
07 Kabalah
08 Mahadeva
09 Nilaya
10 Burning Up [Instrumental]
Spars DDD
Rare No
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