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The Future Sound of London Lifeforms 1994 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
The Future Sound of London Lifeforms (CD Single) 1994 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Jamie Gibson Ethereal Christmas Religious/Christmas CD
Gin Blossoms New Miserable Experience 1992 Rock/Pop CD
Philip Glass / Alfred Schnittke Violin Concerto, Concerto Gross o no.5 1993 Classical CD
God Lives Underwater God Lives Underwater 1995 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
God Within Crucial Introspection Parts One and Two 1999 Trance CD
Godflesh Selfless 1994 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Godsmack Awake 2000 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Godsmack Godsmack 1998 Rock/Pop CD
Goldie Inner City Life 1996 Drum 'n Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat CD
Goldie Saturnz Return 1998 Drum 'n Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat CD
Goldie Timeless Drum 'n Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat CD
Gouryella Tenshi (CD 2) 2000 Trance CD
Grant Lee Buffalo Mighty Joe Moon 1994 Rock/Pop CD
Grant Lee Buffalo Yours Truly Rock/Pop CD
Green Day Dookie 1994 Rock/Pop CD
Green Velvet Flash / Answering Machine (Maxi-Single) 2000 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Gus Gus Ladyshave Single 1999 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Gus Gus Polydistortion 1997 Trance CD
Gus Gus Standard Stuff For Drama 1997 Trance CD
Gus Gus This is Normal Rock/Pop CD
Hallucinogen The Lone Deranger 1997 Trance CD
Hallucinogen Twisted 1995 Trance CD
Haloblack Funky Hell Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Jan Hammer Beyond The Mind's Eye 1993 Ambient/Downtempo/Leftfield CD
MC Hammer Pray Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B CD
Hanzel Und Gretyl Ausgeflippt 1995 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Hate Dept. Technical Difficulties Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Juliana Hatfield Only Everything 1995 Rock/Pop CD
Haujobb Cleaned Visions Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
H3llb3nt 0.01 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
H3llb3nt hardcore vanilla Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Helmet Betty 1994 Rock/Pop CD
Holden & Thompson Nothing 2003 Trance CD
Hole Live Through This 1994 Rock/Pop CD
Hooligan Hear You Now 2003 Trance CD
Hooverphonic Club Montepulciano Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Hum You'd Prefer An Astronaut 1995 Rock/Pop CD
Andy Hunter Exodus 2002 Trance CD
Hybrid Remix and Additional Production by....Hybrid 2001 Trance CD
Hybrid Wide Angle 2000 Trance CD
Iio Rapture 2001 Trance CD
Incubus Morning View 2001 Rock/Pop CD
Infected Mushroom B.P Empire [Single] 2001 Trance CD
Infected Mushroom B.P.Empire 2001 Trance CD
Infected Mushroom Classical Mushroom 2000 Trance CD
Information Society Greatest Hits: Strange Haircuts / Cardboard Guitars / And Computer Samples 2001 Rock/Pop CD
Information Society Running (2001) Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
insolence Insolence Sampler Rock/Pop CD
Ipecac Loop eX Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Takkyu Ishino Berlin Trax 1998 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
J Majik Infrastructure Drum 'n Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat CD
J Majik Infrastructure Drum 'n Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat CD
James Laid 1993 Rock/Pop CD
Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual 1990 Rock/Pop CD
Jenhitt In the Cold Light of Winter 1997 Indie Rock/Punk/harDCore CD
Jeru The Damaja Wrath of the Math 1995 Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B CD
Jewel Spirit 1998 Rock/Pop CD
Jimmie's Chicken Shack Pushing The Salmanilla Envelope 1997 Rock/Pop CD
Junior Jack My Feeling 2001 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Junkie XL Billy Club 1998 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Juno Reactor Beyond the Infinite 1995 Trance CD
Juno Reactor Bible of Dreams 1997 Trance CD
Juno Reactor God Is God 1997 Trance CD
Juno Reactor Masters of the Universe 2001 Trance CD
Juno Reactor Pistolero 2000 Trance CD
Juno Reactor Samurai 1996 Trance CD
Juno Reactor Shango 2000 Trance CD
Keoki Altered-Ego-Trip 1998 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Keoki Caterpillar (single) 1995 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Keoki Ego-Trip 1997 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Keoki Jealousy (disc 1) Rock/Pop CD
Keoki Jealousy (disc 2) Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Keoki Misdirected Jealousy-The Remix Album 1998 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Kidney Thieves Trickster Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
KLF The White Room 1991 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
KMFDM Angst 1993 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
KMFDM Glory 1996 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
KMFDM Light 1994 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
KMFDM Nihil 1995 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
KMFDM Smbls 1997 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
KMFDM Xtort 1996 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Kosheen Catch 2000 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Kosheen Hide U 2001 Drum 'n Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat CD
Kosheen Resist 2002 Drum 'n Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat CD
L.S.G. Volume two: Superstition 1998 Trance CD
LA Style James Brown Is Dead (CD-S) 1992 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Leftfield Leftism 1995 Ambient/Downtempo/Leftfield CD
Leftfield Rhythm and Stealth 1999 Ambient/Downtempo/Leftfield CD
Lemonheads Come On Feel The Lemonheads 1993 Rock/Pop CD
Linkin Park Live In Texas 2003 Rock/Pop CD
Linkin Park Meteora 2003 Rock/Pop CD
Linkin Park Reanimation 2002 Rock/Pop CD
Lionrock An Instinct For Detection 1997 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Live Throwing Copper 1994 Rock/Pop CD
Traci Lords 1,000 Fires 1995 Techno/House/Garage/etc. CD
Machines of Loving Grace Concentration 1993 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Machines of Loving Grace Gilt 1995 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
Machines of Loving Grace Rite Of Shiva 1991 Industrial/Noise/Gothic CD
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